Patch for the comments extension


Attached you can find my patch to the comments extension.

It is important to notice that this patch has a migration that will
override any snippets named ‘comments’, ‘comment’ or ‘comment_form’,
this is the 002 migration.

I don’t know if this is the best way to add the snippets, but found
it at least better than having them in the the CommentsExtension.rb

Let me know if it works.


  • Changed dependency from admin_parts to shards.
  • Added the snippets to a migration, so that the users no longer have
    to do this manually.
  • Changed filter_id from integer to string to make it similar to
    radiant core.
  • Removed the ‘Comments’ tab, and moved the functionality to the
    ‘Pages’ tab instead using shards.
  • Added support for filters in comments, all though ugly coded.
  • Simplified the comment snippets.


Hans-Christian Fjeldberg
[email protected]

That did not work…

I have uploaded the patch here:


Hans-Christian Fjeldberg
[email protected]