Patch for Engines 2.0 warbler support

Hi, I’ve recently been playing with deploying a Rails 2.0 application
on a Java application server using warbler. The application uses the
beta version of Engines 2.0, and I discovered that the combination
resulted in a mkdir failure during Engines startup when it tried to
create the WEB-INF/public/plugin_assets directory.

As a workaround, I tried changing line 17 of
vendor/plugins/engines/lib/engines/assets.rb from:




This worked fine, and made Engines 2.0 boot correctly inside the Java
app server. I don’t think it’s a particularly dangerous change, so I
was wondering if the maintainers would object to including it in
Engines 2.0?


I’ve committed this change as a part of making the 2.0 beta “official”



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