[PATCH] acts_as_taggable plugin

I started today to use the acts as taggable plugin and it’s working as

I added a method find_tagged_with_all since I needed to find the
elements tagged with all the items in a list while find_tagged_with
finds all the elements tagged with any of the list terms.

Attached to this mail there’s a patch which adds the
find_tagged_with_all method and which solves a small problem with having
duplicate elements being found by he find_tagged_with method when more
than one tag matches (it just required adding a “distinct” to the

I have just one question regarding the plugins which i have not clear:
is there any standard or convention to be used when preparng tests for
them? While i have clear the process for regular rails apps, I wanted to
build them for this diff but didn’t know where to start.

Luca M.

Luca, could you also put this in the Rails Trac if you haven’t already.
Thanks for contributing.

Bob S.