Paste event

Here’s my code for:

evt_menu(@m_menu_paste) { pastetext } using wxruby2.0

def pastetext
# this function is used to paste text from the clipboard and
# does a simple test to see if the pasted text is a number
# or a valid arithmetic expression
# if not then restore the previous contents of the textctrl
# (the calculator’s window) to its original state

  start_value = @m_textctrl.get_value()

  end_value = @m_textctrl.get_value()

  puts "start value:::" + start_value
  puts "end value:::::" + end_value



When I run my calculator program I get the following output

ClipBoard Data: 123456

Calculator’s textctrl: 0123456 # I’m not worried about the zero

Shell Output:

start value:::0
end value:::::0 # I was hoping this would be 0123456

I was hoping that I could manipulate the end_value but the paste event
does not fire until after the routine is finished. I tried
but could not manage to get the right syntax. Any help would be


Never mind, I found Wx::Clipboard which alowed me to do what I wanted to
do which was validate text on a clip board before placing it in the
calculator’s textctrl.