Passing POST params from one rhtml to another

Greetings everyone. I am faced with a rather tricky problem. I have
mod_ruby/eRuby going on Apache, and have the following situation:

I have an outer rhtml file which, using the open-uri library, opens up a
remote rhtml file from one of my other servers to dump the contents
the outer rhtml. In other words, I have 1 rhtml wrapping another one
my other remote site.

Unfortunately, I also need to pass POST data from a form to the inner
rhtml. So, the outer rhtml recieves the POST data and can be used using, but I don’t know how to pass the same post data to the inner
file. I was doing this previously by simply doing some URL rewriting
(?blah=1&foo=2, etc), but that doesn’t work anymore because one of the
field values contains lots of spaces and other erroneous characters that
make Apache barf:

request failed: erroneous characters after protocol string:

Does anyone know of anyway to POST the data to the inner rhtml file
of passing it along inside the URL? Unfortunately, directly invoking
will not work as the file is not locally available (hence the loading up
open-uri). I’ve also tried executing url_encode from the ERB library to
encode the URL into readable form, but the CGI barfs on my inner rhtml
because instead of CGI.params looking like this:

{ “foo”=>1} it looks like this {“foo=1”=>nil }

(the encoded form of the URL: url_encode( “?foo=1”) gives “foo%3d1”)

Any suggestions? Thanks.


p.s. Y

Belorion wrote:, but I don’t know how to pass the same post data to the inner rhtml

Can you use open-uri to send an HTTP POST request?


open(“Ruby Programming Language”,
“User-Agent” => “Ruby/#{RUBY_VERSION}”,
“From” => “[email protected]”,
“Referer” => “”) {|f|


Could the headers hold the post metadata?

“Content-Length” => some_base64_encoded_stuff.size
“Content-Type” => “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

I believe the some_base64_encoded_stuff part has to go in the body of
the request, though. I don’t know if open-uri provides for that.

If not, then use a library than can do a POST, such as net/http.

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