Passing parameter to open dialog using link_to_function

Hello all,
I’m having one fun time trying to past a parameter to a javascript
function using link_to_function.

This is what I have…

  1. A simple project, controller, views, model.
  2. Prototype Window dialog box installed.

What I’m trying to do is on the index.html.erb, instead of link_to
“show”, project I’m using link_to_function “Show”, "’.
I want to past the to If I do, it blows up.

  • index.html.erb -

<%= javascript_tag(“project = new Window({
className: ‘alphacube’,
title: ‘Project Details’,

foo bar
) %> <% projects.each do |project| %> <% end %>
CTSI Project DB
Project ID IRB ID Title Pi full name Action
<%=h project.project_id %> <%=h project.irb_id %> <%=h truncate( project.title, :length => 20 ) %> <%=h project.pi_full_name %> <%= link_to_function 'View', '' %>

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I removed the Prototype window and went will jQuery UI Dialog instead.
It was easier to work with and more examples in regards to what I’m
trying to accomplish.