Passing arguments to BackgroundRB

I hope someone can point out my stupic mistake here as I have wasted
far too much time fiddling with syntax and I just can’t get it. I am
new to BackgroundRB and I am trying to pass 2 ids to my worker.

In my controller I have:

MiddleMan.worker(:process_cv_worker).async_changed_cv(:arg =>
{ :vitae_id =>, :current_user_id => })

And my worker looks like:

class ProcessCvWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
set_worker_name :process_cv_worker
require ‘pdf/toolkit’

def create(args)

this method is called, when worker is loaded for the first time “Created vitae worker”

def changed_cv(arg)
vitae_id = arg[:vitae_id]
user_name = arg[:current_user_id]

more code


However, when I run this code I get Error calling method changed_cv
with on worker process_cv_worker at Thu Nov 03 09:37:56 +0000 2011
undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

The code works fine if I just use @vitae=Vitae.find(1) so I know that
it is not finding the vitae. I am sure i am being stupid but I have
confused myself and am seeking help.




In my controller
MiddleMan.worker(:process_cv_worker).async_changed_cv(:args =>
{:vitae_id =>})

In my worker
def changed_cv(args)




I do not know if this can help you , but i do experence this kind of
things few days ago.

The rails process create the record and return the id for you, notice
the db not commit actually at this monument, then spawn/fork the worker
process, the worker found the record not exist in DB.

If you experence the same problem, i recommend you there is a plugin/gem
that include
after_commit callback, and make the async work after the db commit.

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