Passing an object as parameter

Continuing my previous question, I think I could work my way around it
if I could just figure out how to pass an object in an url, more or
less like this (this is a view):

<% my_preset_model = => ‘this needs to be
set to this’) %>

<%= link_to_remote icon_for_backend_list_create,
:url => {
:controller => :my_models,
:action => :create,
:preset_to_base_new_model_on =>
my_preset_model, # <<<< RIGHT THERE
:update => “#{content_element_id}_body”
:before =>
:complete =>
“Element.hide(’#{content_element_id}_activity_indicator’)” %>

I can’t do this - I was hoping to see something like,
:preset_to_base_new_model_on => { :preset_value => ‘this needs to be
set to this’ }

among the sent parameters, but nothing goes there.

Anyone know how I could do that?

Thanks :slight_smile: