Passing an array List of Object

Hi friends,

I’m trying to pass an Array list of Objects that I have captured on
the fly after querying a web service. I have the array list available
with me. Now, the issue that I’m facing is that I would want to pass
the Array List of objects to another action defined in my controller.
Whenever I’m using the redirect_to function, The Array List is being
treated as String and I’m not able to manipulate (sort, paginate…)
the object list. Presently what I’m doing is I’m placing the Array
List in a session variable and performing the manipulations. However,
this is impacting the speed of program execution. I would really
appreciate any help from you guys.

To give you guys a feel of things…

Controller Code::

def create_obj_list

#Code for initializing the call to the web service by calling the
Lib files
response.each{ |arr

#This is where I’m trying to pass the Object list

redirect_to :action=>‘passed_obj_list’, :value=>@new_arr


def passed_obj_list
@arr_for_manipulation=params[:value] #=> This is being treated as a
String… No Objects are available…


Code for Manipulation



Hope to hear from you soon…

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I guess there is no solution to this problem…

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