Passenger multiple ruby processes problem

Hi ruby newbie here,

We are running a single app on a passenger server.

We are getting a couple of errors when concurrent requests are being
processed on our server.


[ pid=19771 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:546 time=2010-01-14 08:54:20.706
Forwarding /admin to PID 25442
[ pid=28772 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:546 time=2010-01-14 08:54:20.936
Forwarding /hello to PID 25442
[ pid=22371 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:546 time=2010-01-14 08:54:22.53
Forwarding get_stuff to PID 25442
[ pid=4110 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:546 time=2010-01-14 08:54:22.71 ]:
Forwarding get_next to PID 19778
[ pid=22373 file=ext/apache2/Hooks.cpp:546 time=2010-01-14 08:54:22.87
Forwarding /get_previous to PID 25444

When ruby process PID 2442 was being used everything was fine, when it
needed the additional processes they took too long to process - 19778
and 25444.

Carrying on in the application those processes are now repsonsive and
can be used. Is there a way to keep the additional processes alive?

Passenger 2.28 config below:

PassengerPoolIdleTime 0
PassengerMaxPoolSize 28
PassengerUseGlobalQueue On
PassengerLogLevel 3

Thanks for any help

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