Pass text_field to controller when using periodically_call_r


Hi. Can anyone help with this? In a view, I have a text_field_tag(
:mytextfield ). I would like to pass the current value of that
text_field_tag to a periodically_call_remote - something like
periodically_call_remote( :url => { :action => :do_it, :thetextval =>
:mytextfield.value } ) - Any idea how can I pass and/or access the value
of the text_field_tag in my do_it controller? Obviously the :thetextval
=> :mytextfield.value does not work. I checked the :params on the do_it
controller but :mytextfield is not in there. However, I can easily pass
hardcoded values using :thetextval => 5. Then I can get the value of 5.
However, I don’t know how to get the value from a text_field passed.
Thanks for any help.


ritzcoder wrote:

Thanks for any help.
Add the option

:with => “‘thetextval=’ + $F(‘mytextfield’)”

to your periodically_call_remote call.

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