Pass javascript variable to erb code for checking condition

def edit
@course = Course.includes(holes::beacons).find(params[:id])


<%= form_for (@course), remote: true do |cb| %>

      <%= cb.text_field :course_name, class: “name" %>

  <div id="holes">
  <% (cb.object.holes).each do |i| %>
 <a href=“#" id="hole-<%= %>" class="holeid"value="<

%>"><%= %>

<% end %>
  <%= cb.fields_for :holes do |hb| %>
      <% if ( ==  ( %>

       <h3> <%=  "#{} - #{} " %></h3>

        <%= hb.fields_for :beacons do |bb| %>
         <div class=“tip"> <%= bb.label :CaddyTip %></div>
          <div class=“ctip"><%=bb.text_area:caddy_tip%></div>

         <div class=“shot"> <%= bb.label :BestShot %></div>
         <div class=“bshot"><%=bb.text_area:best_shot%></div>

         <div class=“be"> <%= bb.label :Be_Aware %></div>
        <div class=“beaware"><%=bb.text_area:be_aware%></div>

         <% end %>#beacons form close
    <% end %> #if close
  <% end %> # holes form close

<% end %>#course form close

I want to pass user clicked hole-id to check if condition to display it
beacons within the page.My app is about Golf course game.In this a
course have 18 holes and each hole have 3beacons(tip,approach,beaware)
respectively. I alert user clicked hole id in console but now i want to
pass that value to if condition after holes form in above code. Without
that condition its display all 18 holesbeacons in edit page.(18 * 3) So
I need to stop that and default it display course first hole beacons
after that if user perform click on holes it display that hole beacons
within the page shown in image.

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I want to pass user clicked hole-id to check …

If you want to evaluate a client-side variable value using Ruby on
the server you’ll have to send it via AJAX. Otherwise include logic
in your JavaScript so the client can handle the checking.

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function holeid(){
type: “POST”,
url: “course/edit/”,
data: “Hole data=”+ id,
success: function(id){
alert(“Hole ID:”+ id );

But i’m not getting the result.

Take a look at this gem: gon | | your community gem host

Ryan B. also did a Railscast about it.

I would advise you to pay the $9…he’s not charging recurring
thereafter…it’s worth it… some of the info has not changed

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