Partials, Layouts and Collections

Hi All,
I am trying to make use of the new render partial functionality where
in the index view I have

<%= render :partial => @people%> #in rails 2.0 it detects this as a

and in the show

<%= render :partial => @person%> #in rails 2.0 it detects this as an

The _person.html.erb partial is

<%=h person.first_name %> <%=h person.last_name %>

However I would like in the index view to add links to show or
destroy and in the show view add an edit link.

I tried to use the new layout for partials feature

<%= render :partial => @people, :layout => ‘index’%>
<%= render :partial => @people, :layout => ‘show’%>

where the _index.html.erb contained the show and destroy links and the
_show.html.erb contains the edit link. However for the layout it only
seems to be rendered once for a collection not once for each object in
the collection. Am I doing something wrong or is there a neat way
round this.



you’ll need to place the @people collection into a “for” statment and
iterate through them, you’ll see similar contructs in the
index.html.erb if you scaffold.

<% for person in @people %>
<%= h(person.first_name) %>


<% end %>