Parslet 1.3.0 released

parslet is a Parsing Expression Grammar based[1] parser generator
library. Uff. Now that is out of our system, here goes what it really
does: It makes writing parsers pleasant for the rest of us. No code
generation, clear access to data, unit testable.


gem install parslet


  • A better behaved context object for the variable-syntax in transform
    blocks. It now behaves like any Ruby object with instance variables
    and attribute readers.
  • An experimental micro-VM based implementation of the parsing engine
    to get around limitations of Ruby 1.9.3 fibers. (stack size)
  • Several small bugs and gotchas in relation to other libraries are
    now fixed.


require ‘parslet’
class Mini < Parslet::Parser
rule(:integer) { match(‘[0-9]’).repeat(1) }
end“132432”) # => 132432

‘parsing. for when you need it.’

[1] Parsing expression grammar - Wikipedia
[2] press play on tape – Parslet and its friends