Parsing XML with REXML problem

Why can it not find my object? What am i missing here? Here is my code:

require ‘rexml/document’
include REXML

classes to represent the objects and relationships in the xml file

class Article
attr_accessor :id, :post, :archive, :ntype, :head, :blurb, :body,
:fblurb, :fimage, :att, :source, :copy, :brand

the base parser

class BaseXMLParser
def initialize(filename)
@raw_xml =
@newsfeed = []

DOM-based parsing

class FeedXMLParser < BaseXMLParser

def get_newsfeed
doc =
XPath.each(doc, ‘newsfeed/article’) do |article|
art = = article.attributes[‘id’] = article.attributes[‘posting_date’]
art.archive = article.attributes[‘archive_date’]
art.ntype = article.elements[‘news_type’]
art.head = article.elements[‘headline’].text
art.blurb = article.elements[‘blurb’].text
art.body = article.elements[‘body’].text
art.fblurb = article.elements[‘feature_blurb’].text
art.fimage = article.elements[‘feature_image’].text
art.att = article.elements[‘attribution’]
art.source = article.elements[‘source’].text
art.copy = article.elements[‘copyright’].text
art.brand = article.elements[‘brand’].text

  @newsfeed << art




benchmark (lets see if its working) test…

require ‘benchmark’

factory to instantiate parser instance and parse test file

klass: the class of parser to use

def get_parser(klass)
lambda do
parser_inst =‘newsfeed.xml’)

docparser = get_parser(FeedXMLParser)

iterations = 10 do |x| { for i in 1…iterations;; end }

display the results


Here is a snippet of xml that i am trying to parse:

<?xml version="1.0"?>^M ^M ^MFYI^M ^M ^M ^M <![CDATA[

(HealthDay News) -- Food poisoning often occurs after eating a meal in a large, social setting like a picnic, cookout or cafeteria. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, foods in these settings are often prepared early and can be left unrefrigerated for long periods, allowing bacteria to form on the food.

Food poisoning symptoms typically begin within two to six hours after eating contaminated food. Signs of food poisoning are most often vomiting, fever, chills, headache, bloody diarrhea, weakness, and severe abdominal cramps.

Treatment from a doctor is rarely necessary, unless dehydration occurs, says the NLM. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids, but avoid milk or drinks with caffeine. You should also avoid solid foods while severely nauseated. Antibiotics usually aren't needed.

]]>^M ^M ^M ^M ^M ^M <![CDATA[Copyright (c) 2006 ScoutNews LLC. All rights reserved.]]>^M <![CDATA[This is a story from HealthDay, a service of ScoutNews, LLC.]]>^M ^M ^M

When i run this code against the xml file i get this error:

[email protected] ~/NewsFeed/test $ ruby newsfeed-parser.lower.rb
user system total real
0.833333 0.100000 0.933333 ( 0.956360)
newsfeed-parser.lower.rb:70: undefined method `art’ for main:Object
[email protected] ~/NewsFeed/test $

Any idea why i am getting this error? Why can it not see my art object?

I have been on this for a few days, my deadline is around the corner so
advice on this is much appreciated. You can also see this posted on:

Thank you.

The last line of your code is:


So you’re trying to call a function called ‘art’ that you haven’t
defined, hence the error. (‘art’ is a local variable in your
get_newsfeed method.)

Pete Y.

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