Parsing dates in Radius


This may be more of a Radius question, but here goes.

I am setting up a Radiant-powered site that includes event listings
for a film society. I’ve put together the pages for each film with
different parts for the rating, director, length, language, etc. My
problem so far has been dates and times.

Ideally I would have a part called “timestamp” or something and then I
could enter 20070401T1600 for a particular screening—and then use a
custom tag to parse out the different parts of the date and display
them as “April 1, 2007” while generating a link to a calendar page at
the url /calendar/20070401/. This will clearly take some messing
around in Radius to create a parsing method that will do this. Any
advice? I’m a bit of a newbie.

Ned Z.