ParseTree 1.6.0 Released

ParseTree version 1.6.0 has been released!

ParseTree is a C extension (using RubyInline) that extracts the parse
tree for an entire class or a specific method and returns it as a
s-expression (aka sexp) using ruby’s arrays, strings, symbols, and


  • 2 major enhancements:

    • PTTC just got a major enema. 2k lines o’ diff.
    • All in all, removed 829 lines of code and made it a lot more solid.
  • 6 minor enhancements:

    • Added sort rake task.
    • Added a basic front-end method to ParseTree: translate, takes
      string or Class and optional method name.
    • Class now has nil for unspecified superclass. No way to tell if it
      is being reopened.
    • SexpProcessor’s unsupported array now defaults to all the internal
    • Added Unique from ruby2c project.
    • something.rb got slimmed down to near nothing. About to be retired.
  • 7 bug fixes:

    • Added changeset to Hoe spec.
    • Fixed up description to use paragraphs_of.
    • Fixed op_asgn1, alias, undef, dsym, match.

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