Parse xml file, put results in mysql db

I’m a ruby newbie, parsing an xml file and putting results in mysql
file. Working on linux. I can parse the data and print it out ok.
Problem comes when I try to insert it into the mysql db - I get an error
for the variables.

Here’s how I’m grabbing the data from xml and assigning to variable:
doc.elements.each(“elementname”) { |element| puts
args = element.attributes[“args”}…

That works fine. Below is the db stuff - can anyone figure out what I’m
doing wrong?

dbname = “data”
m =“localhost”, “userid”, “passwd”)
dbh = DBI.connect(“dbi:Mysql:data:localhost”, “userid”, “passwd”)
sth=dbh.prepare(“INSERT INTO rawdata (file, tool, arguments) VALUES
sth.execute("#{filename}", “#{toolname}”, “#{args}” )

The last line is where it fails - if I put in values, it works fine, so
I know the error is in my variables. This is first time I"ve programmed
ruby, so I’m not sure what is wrong…