Parental control

Invade Our Privacy
Activity logging may feel a bit like reading your child’s diary, but
virtually all
parental-control programs do it to some degree. They’ll at least log
Web sites
visited and any attempts to reach barren Web sites. They may also log
the time
spent using specific programs, record both sides of IM or e-mail
or even record every keystroke typed, along with which program it was
typed in.
If you opt for activity logging, make sure the logs are stored where
kids can’t
modify or delete them. By office monitoring software you perform all of
this feature.

Many modern parental-control systems let you view reports and change
settings from any
browser. If the content filter mistakenly blocks a site needed for
research, or if your
child runs out of computer time before running out of homework, remote
can be a lifesaver. They may even notify you by e-mail, phone, or text
message when
specific events occur, such as multiple attempts to reach blocked

Of course, none of the restrictions mean squat if the kids can break the
system. Firewalls and antimalware programs have to resist attack by
hackers and
viruses—parental controls need to be just as tough. Your kids may know
more about
computers than you do, so you’ll want a product like office monitoring
that’s hard-boiled against meddling.