Parent' show view and nested resources - Best practices?

Hi everybody,

First, sorry for my poor english, I will try to be clear :slight_smile:

I’m wondering what are the best practices in order to obtain a view
data on a parent object, with sub-tabs, each tab for a nested resource.

Imagine that you have a Contact model. Each contact has :

  • documents,
  • participations to meetings,
  • comments (which could be polymorphic)

When you access to the show page of the contact, you’d like to see
information at the top of the page, and under these information, a
each tab for each nested-resource : documents, meetings, comments, …

Ho do you do this kind of layouts / views ?

A friend explain me that I can use the inherited_resources gem, which is
really useful to abstract and handle nested_controllers, but I still
find a good solution for the layouts/view.

Thank you by advance

I think no need to use any gem. Its better to you learn how to use
resources .

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On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Cyril Rouyer
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  • documents,

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How about each tab Ajax-linking (link_to <…>, :remote => true) to
documents, participants, comments controllers’ respective index actions,
which render render inline content via Ajax call to a dedicated space
(under “tabs”) and doing all the other stuff of marking the correct tab

For example “Documents tab” (not tested, basically a concept): link_to
“Documents”, contact_documents_path(@contact), :remote => true

then you’d have documents#index action and documents/index.js.haml
that’d populate #tab_content div which is just under your general
information, as you described; the entry point would be contacts#show
action; you’d assign @contact there.

And you nest the resources something like:

resources :contacts do
resources :documents
resources :participants
resources: comments

Just brainstorming, feel free to disregard :wink:

2013/3/28 BalaRaju V. [email protected]


thank you for your answers

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