Params with '.' dot in them

Hi this is my first post on the group and I think its an easy

How do I assign a variable from parameter with a ‘.’ dot in it.
For instance



filename = params[‘Manual.pdf’]

Hope that helps.

Zack C.

filename = params[‘Manual.pdf’]
does not set filename for me. Any other ideas?

Nevermind i got it to work, thank you for the help.

B. Lars wrote:

filename = params[‘Manual.pdf’]

Why is the dot in the key?

Why does ‘Manual.pdf’ look like a value (a real name of a real file)
instead of an abstraction, like :filename?

If Manual.pdf really really is the key, try params[ :‘Manual.pdf’ ]

Any other ideas?

p params
raise params.inspect

Both of those .inspect the keys, and .inspect generally turns any
“instant value” into its own Ruby expression. That will show you how
to write your :symbol.

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Yeah that was my problem, I just mindlessly switched the key with the