Params on controller and view

I have a link that says:
<%= link_to_remote(“Data”, :update => ‘pie_graph_div’, :url => {
:action => :show_pie_graph, :mode => ‘nums’ }) %>

which calls show_pie_graph:
def show_pie_graph
render :layout => false
@mode = params[:mode]

But @mode on view always is nil.
I can see the :mode from the view by calling params[:mode] but not
from the controller.

What’s the problem? Did I misunderstand something?

Thanks in advance,

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Human D. wrote:

from the controller.
Set @mode before calling render.

We develop, watch us RoR, in numbers too big to ignore.


You need to swap the lines in the controller.

def show_pie_graph
	@mode = params[:mode]
	render :layout => false

The ‘render’ method uses the current state of the controller at the time
is called to setup the view. At that time, @mode is not yet set, so
that is
what the view sees.

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