I’ve just finished restoring paramix.rb to Facets library. You can
expect it in 2.4.2 which I will release soon. (Note that the version
included in 2.4.1 is a work in progress and should not be used).

Just to let people know how it works now, as opposed to the old
version which overrode #include itself, the new version uses a
delegating module. So it is much more robust.

Here is a simple example:

require ‘facets/paramix’

module MyMixin
include Paramix

 def hello
   puts "Hello from #{mixin_params[MyMixin][:name]}!"


class MyClass
include Mixin[:name => ‘Ruby’]

m =
m.hello -> ‘Hello from Ruby!’

Notice the use of #[]. Capitalized methods have namespace issues, so
the #[] method was used instead.