Parameterizing auto-completion?

Is there a way to pass in a parameter (e.g. an ID) to the
auto_complete_for… method? I have a table of answers that I’m
serving up for auto-completion, but I only want the answers that apply
to a given field. In my answers table, each entry has an list ID, and
I would like to be able to to just get the answers that match the ID
for a particular list.

I’ve overridden the auto_complete_for… for method to specify my
own :conditions parameter, but so far I’m hard-coding the answer list
ID. What I’d really like to do is, perhaps in the rhtml, specify an
ID parameter that then somehow the auto_complete_for… would be able
to access. Is there a way to do that?


I found a solution, which I will share for the other newbies out
there. It turns out that you can specify an :id parameter for the URL
you are accessing for the autocompletion by doing this in your view:

<%= text_field_with_auto_complete :answer, :answer_text, {},
{url=>{:action=>‘auto_complete_for_answer_answer_text’, :id=>23} }%>

Here the :action is set to my auto_complete_for method, and the id is
the ID of the list whose options I want to use for auto-completion.
In my controller, the auto_complete_for_answer_answer_text can access
the ID as params[:id].



I am using Ajax.Updater and I am having a bit of a
problem with Prototype. I am trying to use a sortable
list (from scriptaculous) and so I want using ajax do
some server logic.

Problem is that the list never show the correct array
on the server side. So I looked at the javascript (you
can see the code lower that works…)

When I look at the Sortable.serialize(‘list’); it show
correctly list[]=1&list[]=4&list[]=3

So I would expect the ajax request to look as a get

but instead show a weird querystring


So looks like when the param are serialized in the
Ajax object itself is screwed up. I have a work around
but wonder if someone else had the same problem… Also
the is down so I cannot post/look
up bugs

following is my javascript code that works but I had
to set the parameters to false and append my
querystring to the URL to fix it…


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