Parameter as Array is empty jruby-ole32

Dear developers,

I’m testing to connect with a DLL created in C# with this simple

[ C# CODE ]…

public interface ICore
[System.ComponentModel.Description("… array test")]
void MyTest(string[] str);

public class Core : ICore
public void MyTest(string[] strArray)
foreach(string str in strArray)
Console.WriteLine(" >> [" + str + “]”);

Then I defined the next array to be pass to the method defined.

[Ruby code]…

libs = [‘one’, ‘two’]

lib3 =‘MyCoreDLL.Core’)

But the result is empty when it is displayed in the C# method…it
contains the same number of objects than the array…but the data
contained is always blank.

C:\DEV\MyCoreDLL>jruby test.rb


Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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