Paperclip: numbers strings after filename


I’m trying to instantiate the file from the saved file via paperclip.
The codes to open the file is:

barcodeFile = open(scan.barcode.url,“r”)

…but getting error of file not found as the “url” is extended as


with the number strings. I was searching 1) what the numbers strings
are, and 2) how I can get URL without the strings so that I will not
encounter file not found exception when I’m trying to instantiate the



I’ve resolved this issue. I found it on the source code of the library
as below.

# Returns the public URL of the attachment, with a given style.

Note that
# this does not necessarily need to point to a file that your web
# can access and can point to an action in your app, if you need
# grained security. This is not recommended if you don’t need the
# security, however, for performance reasons. Set use_timestamp to
# if you want to stop the attachment update time appended to the
def url(style_name = default_style, use_timestamp =
url = original_filename.nil? ? interpolate(@default_url,
style_name) : interpolate(@url, style_name)
use_timestamp && updated_at ? [url, updated_at].compact.join(url.include?("?") ? “&” : “?”) : url

so if you set false, it will turn off adding timestamp at the end.

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