Paperclip Amazon S3 Europe


Im looking to move my file storage to Amazon S3 europe and have
followed both these solutions here
using the aws-s3 gem and the qooba/s3 gem. Everything looks fine up
to when i try to save the file. Ive stepped through the code and i
can log in ok and access the bucket i need, but when i try and save
the file i get the following error message “AWS::S3::AccessDenied”

If i console in i get to the same point and it fails again in the save

service = =>
bucket = service.buckets.find(“development”)
object =“test”)
object.content = open(“README”) => return “Access Denied” as per the application.

Ive tried both solutions in the link and get to the same point, anyone
got any ideas? Ive exhausted everything i can think off and any
google searches and recommendations.