Painting myself into a corner !help!

i just finished writing a 200 line ruby
monthend processing (non OO procedural, without class/methods)script
that i would like to run inline (not as thread) invoked like this from
the main script

if option==“yes” then
require/load/??? “\\networklocation\option1.rb”
else if option2==“yes” then
require/load/??? “\\networklocation\option2.rb”
how do i do this in ruby?/

On Apr 19, 2007, at 2:39 PM, Dave R. wrote:

how do i do this in ruby?/
Well, first use normal slashes: “/networklocation/option1.rb”

If you’re trying to use UNC paths, you might actually need a Windows-
specific library. (I’m on a Mac and can’t help more specifically –

Second, you use ‘require’ to bring one-time definitions into your
program. If you give ‘require’ the same argument later, it knows
that it already processed that one and does nothing. Use ‘load’ to
process the contents of the given file every time.


Rob B.
[email protected]

For unc on window.

require ‘//networklocation/option1.rb’
load ‘//networkloacation/option2.rb’

Doan, Alex wrote:

For unc on window.

require ‘//networklocation/option1.rb’
load ‘//networkloacation/option2.rb’

…thank you load works …and … as usual… this forum saves the