Paid hacking: Linux "netlink" client library for Ruby

Hello Ruby hackers,

I’m looking for someone to build a partial Linux Netlink client library
in Ruby. We want some nice open-source library code that implements the
Netlink protocol in a clean, idiomatic, Ruby library with a liberal, and
are willing to pay a few thousand UK pounds depending on level of effort
& ambition :slight_smile: I would hope that for the right person it’s only 2-4
weeks work.

The Netlink protocol is what the Linux “ip”, “iptables” and “tc”
commands use to communicate with the kernel. We are using it to build
our hosting platform which is a few weeks away from a
beta. I really need to implement some access controls and really don’t
want to write wrappers around the relevant commands. The protocol isn’t
very well documented except here:
and of course in the source to the commands above.

We need Ruby commands to add & remove IPv4 & IPv6 addresses on a network
interface, and simple firewall rules (to include TCP ports, IPv4/6
addresses, and MACs). Anything more would be a nice bonus.

So if anyone is out there, knows Ruby, and knows the Linux kernel,
please get in touch privately and tell me how easy, quick & expensive
you think it will be. Bonus points for API examples or other ideas. I
know roughly how I’d do it myself, so hope to wrap this up quite
quickly. While the library can be distributed under a liberal license,
hosted on github etc., Bytemark would want to keep the copyright, at
least for any work where we’re paying for the development.

If I’ve missed anything important I can clarify here.


Matthew B. Bytemark Hosting
tel: +44 (0) 1904 890890

I see your github at: GitHub - BytemarkHosting/netlinkrb: Ruby interface to Linux Netlink so I guess you found someone to write this. Last commit is 7 years ago, I wonder if the code is still any good.