Paid assignment for a small program for a non-profit org

Dear ruby list,

I’m looking for someone who wants to write a small ruby program for me
which I desperately need as my preferred developer told me today that he
does not have enough time to finish this. Payment will be provided
through paypal or western union. The program should be finished Thursday
the 4th of Feb EOD CET European time.

Problem Description
For a non-profit networking event where we are expecting 40 something
guests (could be a little less or a little more), we have organized a
dinner in 3 rounds. There are 5 tables (one more or one less is possible
too) and we want to make sure that the guests mingle well during the 3

Therefore we have said we would like the seating to be random over the 3
rounds but we also don’t want the same people to be sitting together at
a table in subsequent rounds, I haven’t calculated if this request is
mathematically possible, but in case it is not possible, the number of
persons in subsequent rounds that sit a the same table should be kept to
a minimum.

Off course the same guests should not appear in multiple tables during a

If the number of guests is not dividable by the number of tables, the
remainder should be added one by one to another table. Let me explain by
providing an example:
40 guests with 5 tables should give 5 tables of 8 guests and 0 tables of
9 guests
41 guests with 5 tables should give 4 tables of 8 guests and 1 table of
9 guests
42 guests with 5 tables should give 3 tables of 8 guests and 2 tables of
9 guests
43 guests with 5 tables should give 2 tables of 8 guests and 3 tables of
9 guests
44 guests with 5 tables should give 1 tables of 8 guests and 4 tables of
9 guests
45 guests with 5 tables should give 0 ables of 8 guests and 5 tables of
9 guests

Mind you, the number of guests can still vary so we want to input that
as well as the number of tables.

The number of guests that sit at the same table in all 3 rounds (we want
this to be 0 or close to 0)
Plus the program should output the table seating per round in a csv file

Per round, the table id with the various random numbers from 1 till
number of guests in a csv file like this:


Who is willing to pick this up? I can be reached at rebtel with
+31637730768 or skype chocolatie_sr