Pagination problem: pagination anchors not working

Hello everyone,

I am having some problem with the navigation anchors of paginator. Here
are the details of what i am doing:
I have a list of users displayed in the “list” action obtained from the
db. Now in the view i have an image tag with every record to delete that
particular user. A javascript function is triggered which than calls the
controller action “delete_user” and renders the new updated users list.
Here is the javascript function:

new Ajax.Updater(‘user_list_display’, ‘delete_user/’ + id,

Every thing seems to be working fine uptil now. But the problem is that
when the new list is rendered the pagination anchors stop working. And
the action they are pointing to is the “manage/delete_user/25?page=2”.
And i expect that to be this “manage/list?page=2”.

The url of the browser is unchanged and points to “manage/list” but dont
know why pagination anchors are pointing to that “delete_user” action.

Can anybody guide me to what i am missing or doing wrong…