Paginate question

I created my first app using scaffold. My question is it possible to
paginate the show.rhtml so instead of paginating in the list view it
does it in show.rhtml. I keep getting ?page=id appended to my urls.
ex (http://xxxxx/app/show/1?page=2)

this is what it looks like now

def show

@recipe = Recipe.find(params[:id])

conditions = [“title LIKE ?”, “%#{@params[:query]}%”] unless

@total = Recipe.count(:conditions => conditions)

@recipe_pages, @recipes = paginate :recipes, {
:per_page => 1,
:conditions => conditions }


Hi guys

I have posted two days ago the same problem of jimmygoogle and I did not
get any solution. I have searched the net and I did not find a solution.

I am not sure whether such problem is famous in rails and has a solution
or there is no way to solve it.

any idea?

I don’t understand why you need pagination in the show method. Usually
we do the pagination in the index or search.

And w.r.t to the id problem. I also faced the same issue, but i don’t
have the clue. If you pass :id=>1 in the params it will work, but I
don’t know why.

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