Paginate - does it requires a specialized route?


I’m trying to take advantage of the pagination in my somewhat modified
scaffold view now. But there’s something fundamental here that I’m

I have this link_to call:

<%= link_to ‘Previous page’, { :page =>
@target_list_pages.current.previous } if
@target_list_pages.current.previous %>

It generates this link:

< a hre_f="/list_management/list?page=2">Next page</ a>

What I see is the underlined text for the link but in fact, it doesn’t
render as a proper link.

Do I need to create a new route so that the page parameter can be passed
into my “list” action?

If so, what is the format of that route supposed to be? I can’t use
:controller/:action/:page because that would break my existing
:controller/:action/:id route.

Or should my list action just be able to consume this “page” parameter,
without any additional routes on my part?


Sorry - brain fart.

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