Paginate by Year


I have a model, Day, and the table, ‘days’, contains 10,000 day records
each with a field, ‘date’, which has a ruby date object matched to a
mysql date type, YYYY-MM-DD. I would like my controller to paginate Day
by How do I do this? In other words, on each page, I
want EITHER 365 records or 366 depending on whether or not it is a leap
year–I want all of the days for a single year displayed on each page.

Any idea how to accomplish this?


I did this recently to paginate by month. Wasn’t too hard as I recall.
Just put the year into the route


Or something similar. Then you can do: Day.find_by_year(params[:year])
Then just create links to each year, or what I did is something like
<%= link_to :action => thesameaction, :year => params[:year] + 1 %>
I didn’t do the plus 1 thing, I did next_month or something. But it’s

Can somebody explain this explanation to me? What does it mean to “add
to route”.


I added “map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:year’” to the routes, but I
can’t get a find_by_year method in the Day model. Year is not a field
in the table, date is. The year is accessed through date.year. How do
I create a model variable so that I can create a year class variable and
ruby will then create for me a find_by_year method for the model???

You have to edit config/routes.rb.
Read the section on routing in AWDWR. This is one of the sections that
made me go “wow”.
You need to know it if you’re going to develop in Rails.

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