Page versioning

I’m sure this has come up before, but has any work been done on making
page versions that can be rolled back and possibly diff’ed through the
admin UI?

I can certainly understand not wanting to support it in the trunk,
with all of the complexity it would bring that may not appeal to every
user. It seems like aside from interface changes, all you’d have to
do would be set-up acts_as_versioned in the PagePart model – all
changes that could be done in an extension.

Has anyone tried to implement this? Are there more complicated issues
at play?


There have been attempts in the past on that. One thing that has
hampered moves in that direction is the relative heaviness of the
Radiant admin controllers – mostly with the creation or updating of
pages. In the future, we plan to push a lot of the logic down into the
models, which will in turn make things easier for extension developers
and facilitate things like this.