Page Specific Meta Data

Hey all,

I may be overlooking something rather obvious here, but I can’t seem to
find a good method in which to implement page-specific meta content,
such as keywords and descriptions.

In the layout file I am using for my pages, I call
<r:meta />

Which builds the meta description and keywords from the pages table in
my MySQL database. However, when a page is created, both of these
columns are left as NULL. I worked around this issue by connecting to
our MySQL server and performing a few simple UPDATE queries to set the
keyword/description columns for my desired page ID’s.

It seems to me like a couple of input fields for keywords/description
would be a useful addition to page creation and editing, especially for
users that don’t have access to or otherwise cannot manipulate their
MySQL database.

So yeah, if I’m missing something here, please let me know.