Page 'Properties' or CRUD Extension

Any extension that allows for custom-titled page parts to be added
automatically when you create a new page (e.g. “add child”) from a
specific page (not all pages)?

I’m buiding a real estate site that will have a page called ‘listings’
with each individual listing as a child. The basic tasks that I would
like a non-savvy person to be able to do is add/remove/edit a listing.
So in essence, I’m using ‘page parts’ to hold data not ‘parts’. This is
not ideal, what would anybody suggest?

It would be neat to see an extension for a CRUD interface within Radiant
allowing for radius tags in your layouts and snippets to get the data…


I imagine your Listings have data that has a very specific structure.
If that’s the case, I would make a separate model for them and use a
combination of a regular and a virtual page, and listing-specific tags
to output the data into a page. Alternatively, you could use a
controller that handles the output. With extensions you have the
ability to integrate any controllers and models you want.