Page doesn't display flash[:notice] after redirect from rjs

I register a user in with an Ajax request

after saving a user, and setting the flash[:notice] = “welcome
message”, I perform the rendering

     format.js  {
       render :update do |page|
         page << "window.parent.Shadowbox.close();"
         #page.reload (?)
         page.redirect_to  root_url)

in my home page view, I have :

<% if flash[:notice] %>
<%= flash [:notice] %>
<% end %>

but when displayed the notice doesn’t appear …

I need to perform manually a page reload in the Firefox browser to see
the notice displayed…

iI tried to insert a page.reload in the js rendering but it does not
solve the problem…

what are you advices ?


Use instead of plain flash when you do the assignment.

------ from the API docs
Sets a flash that will not be available to the next action, only to
the current.[:message] = "Hello current action"

This method enables you to use the flash as a central messaging system
in your app. When you need to pass an object to the next action, you
use the standard flash assign ([]=). When you need to pass an object
to the current action, you use now, and your object will vanish when
the current action is done.

Thanks for your help I did it, it doesn’t solve this issue
the notice is actually correctly set but the browser needs a manual
refresh to display it

a very small issue but taking me hours to solve …

found a solution… but I have to understand why it runs…

the issue was not the display of the flash notice in the home page,
but the redirection to the home page from within the rjs file
in my rjs file I need to write
page << “window.parent.Shadowbox.close();”
page << “window.parent.document.location.href = ‘#{root_url}’”

this close the Shadowbox window and redirect to the home page
I cannot use the standard
page.redirect_to root_url

I beive it’s related to the Shadowbox displayed within an iframe…