Override proxy's incorrect Content-Type via mime settings

Hi all -

I have an upstream proxy that sends the wrong Content-Type header for
a load of images. Sometime it doesn’t send any header at all.

I’m trying to get Nginx not only to remove the upstream’s Content-Type
header (“proxy_hide_header”), but also to insert the correct header.
Unfortunately, I can’t hard-code the value as there are a variety of
image formats being used. “proxy_hide_header” doesn’t seem to do
anything other than block the incorrect value, and
“proxy_ignore_headers” won’t accept “Content-Type”.

How can I both remote upstream’s incorrect header, and also add the
header than Nginx would have used if it were serving the content
from local disk?
In other words, how do I add the header with a value derived from the
MIME settings currently configured, via the requested file’s

Version 0.7.67, but can upgrade if required.

Many thanks,

Jonathan M.
London, UK

On 23 September 2011 17:37, Jonathan M. [email protected]

How can I both remote upstream’s incorrect header, and also add the

Just a quick thread bump to see if anyone has any ideas …

Have same problem, but for different types of files.

I have found a workaround using “map” directive, where pattern is an URI
extension and value is a mime-type, but seems a little bit weird and
requires to create a map from all possible extension. Is there any way
reuse standard “mime.types” together with Content-Type detection by URI

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