Override logger for large binary data

I’ve searched high and low and played around and couldn’t figure out
how to override what the logger prints for a specific model (one that
has many columns of multi-100K blobs).

I ‘tail -f log/development.log’ in a shell within emacs and it really
doesn’t like the huge lines dumped out during saves/updates.

So, I finally figured out that if I put the following in my
config/environment.rb I can trim the binary data dumps:

class Logger
alias old_format_message format_message

def format_message(severity, timestamp, progname, msg)
# uses a non-greedy match
msg.to_str.gsub!(/= x’(.*?)’(,|\s)/,’= x’BINARY_DATA’\2’)

But, I know that this is a kluge so any advice on how to control the
dump on column level within the model or even on the model level will
be much appreciated.

Thanks much.

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