Overlaying an image with file_column, rmagick

Anybody know the rmagic commands in the model definition to overlay a
24-bit png file over an uploaded jpg using file_column?

I have this:

file_column :post_photo, :magick => {
:geometry => “648x800”,
:versions => { “small” => {:size => “60x60”, :crop => “1:1”, :name
=> “small” } }

But I want to do this:

file_column :post_photo, :magick => {
:geometry => “648x800”,
:versions => { “small” => {:size => “60x60”, :crop => “1:1”, :name
=> “small”, composite my png image over this small version to round
the corners
} }



Did you ever find a solution to this with file_column? I’m lloking to
do a similar thing (add a border to all uploaded images) and was
wondering if you figured it out.


On Sep 11, 11:24 pm, Sean C. [email protected]

Not yet. I kinda gave up on it as other priorities came to the fore. I
did find another plug in that was supposed to be better than
file_column, but it has a steeper-looking learning curve so I put it on
the back burner for now. But once I get things cleared away I will
probably go back to it. I forget the name of the plug-in, though I do
remember reading that a lot of people were saying it worked much better
than file_column and had more features.

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