Output SPS in pfb_clock_sync

Hi Everyone,

The generic_demod block in digital has pfb_clock_sync output connected
constellation_receiver input.

The pfb_clock_sync has a parameter output SPS. So I assume it represents
the output samples per symbol.

From reading the code in constellation_receiver, I understand that a
will be computed from a single input. ( Correct me if my understanding
wrong )

So If I am correct, setting SPS to a value other than 1, will be
detrimental to demodulation.

So is there any other use of this output SPS?

So is there any other use of this output SPS?

osps (default=1): The osps is the number of output samples
per symbol. By default, the algorithm produces 1 sample per symbol,
sampled at the exact sample value. This osps value was added to better
work with equalizers, which do a better job of modeling the channel if
they have 2 samps/sym