Outlook calendar roadblock

Hello All,

Summary Problem:
I need to automatically import a VCS file into our company’s public
outlook calendar. The vcs file is being generated through a user-form
in my ruby on rails application.

Details of my problem:

I am developing a program for the company I work for, it would only be
used in house. It is basically a front-end for the company’s
scheduling software. The company is using a Public Folder in outlook
to schedule everything related to there jobs.

I basically have a form that gets filled out, and generatesa vcs file.
This vcs file needs to get imported into there public folder of
outlook automatically.

I was thinking of having the vcs file get saved into a folder on the
server, and having some kind of VB Script monitor the folder for new
vcs files, that then would import it into outlook.

If anyone could give me some advice on how to get around this problem,
I would appreciate it.