Out of Tree Block Not Showing up in GRC

I have two out of tree blocks I want to add to GRC, everything compiles
installs correctly except for the GRC component (not shown in GRC). So
should be an XML issue and I think it is related to my attempts at
making a
drop down option choice concerning the detection of white space/closed
frequencies and verbose output. My XML is attached below and you can see
that under Params Desired Detection and Verbose have options.

When I look at other stock GNU Radio block’s XML like the low pass
I see that some params have opt tags. Do I need these also, if so how
I use them in my case?



Update to my problem.

I went back into the XML and comment out my trouble sections with the
options and rewrote them as

Desired Detection white_space True bool Verbose verbose false bool

Only the sink will show up in GRC.

Then I commented out all of those sections and both blocks will show up.
Problem is I need those two variables. What am I doing wrong with my


Take a look at:



Thanks for the response, I was looking at the opt tags and I am still
confused about how to do it. Do I need to set it up like this:

specsense.energy_detector_sink_f($vlen, $eta, $white_space.val,
$samp_rate, $cntr_freq, $verbose)

Desired Detection white_space bool Open Band True val:True Closed Band False val:False Verbose verbose bool Yes True val:True No False val:False



Order of XML tags matters, check grc/python/block.dtd.


Here’s an even more basic example that doesn’t use
the opt tag. It shows my complete cluelessness about
xml, but it works.



After some perusing, I think the XML for the meta file sink provided a
example. Although thanks for the previous examples, it probably took all
three to figure it out.

Thanks again,


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