Out of memory, malloc failed


After having done hundreds of successfull deployments of updates to my
aplication, suddenly I have run into the following error message:

‘fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed
fatal: unpack-objects failed’

This causes the deloyment to fail. I am using git, github and

I am pretty sure I know what cause this: I had earlier failed to
‘gitignore’ the development.log file which had a size of over 1 Gig.
Pushing to the repo was already very slow and cap deploy fails resulting
in the above error message.

Now, I have already deleted the big file, it is nowhere to be seen in
the repository anymore. I have also reverted to a much earlier commit.
But strangely the ‘ghost’ of that big file seems be still around
somewhere in the .git folder. The problem persists. Deployment fails.
This never happened before.

My questions:

1.How could I possibly delete this file from the repo which most likely
the casue for this problem - given that is is ‘invisble’?

2.Or how can I ensure that the git repo really reflects 100% my current
application on the development machine, where I have DEFINITELY deleted
this file?

3.Is there a way to completely reset the git repo? (I’m not talking
about the ‘git reset’ command). I am looking for a away to keep my app
on the dev machine but start but start with a completely fresh new and
empty repository.

4.Any other ideas how this could be solved maybe through capistrano
(deploy.rb) or settings on the remote server?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help! It would be greatly appreciated.