OT - Recruiting ROR developer (ownership %, game related)

I am recruiting a ROR developer to join my team to bring a fairly well
researched/thought out project to a beta state (and beyond!) ROR
experience with commercial (preferably including familiarity with
payments technology and interfaces) sites would be prefered, although
what I really need is some new blood and guts to kickstart things.

Working knowledge of unix internals (specifically FreeBSD) would be
helpful as well as Java experience.

While I could probably scrounge up monies for contract consulting, I
really am looking for somebody interested in ownership interest (via an
LLC) that will put forth the effort for future reward.

Venture is ‘related’ to games and more specifically to programming and

There is some prototype functionality already developed.

If you have any interest, please PM me (no need to clutter up this
forum) and I can give more details.

[email protected]