OT: Radrails

Sorry, but I have tried signing up for the RadRails list and never can
get a confirmation email. I think it may not exist.

Anyway, I created a project using just cli, now I’m trying to import
the project with no success. I choose the directory and radrails just
sits there not enabling the okay button

Sound familiar ? Maybe I’m doing something wrong.


Here’s what I do. Set your workspace to be one directory up from your
project, then create a new project with the same name (same directory
of course) as your existing Rails app (File, New, Rails App). RadRails
imports it into your Eclipse workspace and creates a .project file for

I used to do it by copying an existing .project file into my Rails
until I discovered this shortcut.

Hope this helps.

  • Brian

Thanks Brian, I actually discovered the trick about 10 minutes after
posting. My apologies!

RadRails still exist, I think. Last email I received on was dated July