OT: Melbourne job - Ruby On Rails, Linux C++, Macromedia Fle

Hello folks - this job is only available to people currently residing in
Melbourne, Australia

Senior Programmer Linux, C++, Macromedia Flex 2, Javascript, Ruby on

  • Diverse technical and language skills required
  • Front end and back end development
  • Suited to talented, passionate and experience person

Very strong Linux C/C++ experience is the core requirement of this role,
you’ll also be working with a wide variety of languages including Ruby
Rails, Python and ECMAscript/Javascript in Macromedia Flex 2.

You’ll be in a small team, developing a range of different Internet

You will be developing sophisticated user interfaces using Macromedia’s
Flex 2 technology - haven’t heard of it yet? - check it out at

You will also be developing powerful back end servers using Ruby On
and also using C++ under Linux.

SOAP will be the interface between the front-end user interfaces and and
back-end systems that you develop, so you’ll need an excellent knowledge

You’ve probably been passionate abut computers and programming since
and started out on the Commodore 64 or Amiga, Apple 2 or Z80 systems.
been coding for 10 - 20 years now and over that time you’ve developed
and broad software development skills.

You’re still coding because you enjoy the challenge and mental

You don’t see yourself only as a back-end developer - you are also able
develop intuitive and powerful client side user interfaces and you pride
yourself on your talent in designing usable software interfaces.

At the back end you know how to wring every last cycle of performance
out of
the CPU and you know how to build Internet applicationscapable of
hundreds of thousands of users.

You have mastered the powerful low level languages C and C++ and you
like to
use these in conjunction with modern glue languages such as Ruby and

You have mastered the Internet technologies and you can make just about
anything work in Linux.

You know how to build high performance apps by selecting the right
algorithms and data structures. You are unafraid of working with complex
powerful technologies and you love to take on the tough development

We’re searching for a Senior Programmer who understands that a truly
programmer can adapt to any language and can work with a range of
technologies - even those they haven’t yet worked with. The truly great
programmer knows how to learn and adapt their previous experience to new
languages and technologies.

This is a salaried role in a small South Melbourne company - please
your salary expectation and availability.

Send your resume to [email protected]

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