[OT] Manning Ruby on Rails Coupon?

Hi! This OT. :slight_smile:

I took part in the Manning Ruby on Rails contest and was surprised when
they sent an email saying that I could get 40% off some of their books,
including the ‘Ruby for Rails’ book. This quickly moved that book to
the top of my shopping list!

However, when I eagerly tried to buy the eBook, it said that the coupon
did not apply. Does anyone know if that coupon only apply to hard copy


Hi –

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Mohit S. wrote:

I’m not sure, but I’ve forwarded your question to someone at Manning
who should be able to help. If he doesn’t get in touch with you soon,
let me know and I’ll follow up.


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[email protected] wrote:

the top of my shopping list!


Thanks David!