[OT] Lighttpd + AWStats


Hello ~

I have posted a tutorial on my blog,
http://www.benr75.com/pages/lighttpd_awstats_tutorial, on how to get
AWStats and Lighttpd to work together. I thought it might be of
interest to
Rails folk as I know many run Light.



There’s another tutorial on this topic too:

Scott B.
Web D.

Electro Interactive


And now that I actually clicked on the link to your page, I see that
aware of this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that tutorial.

I wanted to use awstats’ facility to generate static html pages,
rather than running it via CGI, and a script to automatically generate
stats for all my sites. I made a quick blog post showing how to do
it: http://www.flpr.org/articles/2006/01/24/awstats-the-static-way